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Where are a large number of exported magnesia carbon bricks used

2021-12-08 11:30:26

When it comes to magnesia carbon brick, everyone knows, and how much do you know about magnesia carbon brick? Why has it become the choice of steel mills? Why export at home and abroad? Supporting the economic lifeline of the whole northeast? Today, let's learn how magnesia carbon brick is formed and what are its advantages? Magnesia brick

Magnesia carbon brick is widely used in the lining of converter, AC arc furnace and DC arc furnace, slag line of ladle and so on. Magnesia carbon brick is made of high melting point alkaline oxide magnesium oxide (melting point 2800 ℃) and high melting point carbon material soaked by slag as raw materials, and various non oxide additives are added. It is a non burnt composite refractory combined with carbonaceous binder. It effectively utilizes the strong slag corrosion of magnesium, effectively improves the thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon, and makes up for the poor spalling resistance of magnesium.


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