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The key role of magnesia brick in the era of heavy industry

2021-12-08 11:39:13

After magnesia brick is put into the market, people have found many advantages of magnesia brick. Magnesia brick is widely used in other aspects. Its essence is its own excellent characteristics. The magnesia bricks of magnesia brick manufacturers are made of high-purity molten magnesia as the main raw material through high-pressure molding and high-temperature firing. This series of products have the advantages of high temperature strength, high temperature volume stability, slag resistance and high fire resistance. They are mainly used for permanent lining of steel-making furnace, lime kiln, glass kiln, regenerator, ferroalloy furnace, mixed iron furnace, nonferrous metal furnace, etc. magnesium bricks with different contents can be selected according to different industries. The wide application of magnesia brick in steelmaking has also opened the era of heavy industry. Magnesia brick


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