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Advantages of magnesia carbon brick in iron and steel smelting

2021-12-08 11:40:15

In the period of heavy industry, with the rise of industrial manufacturing, iron and steel manufacturing enterprises urgently need a kind of product auxiliary production. The high thermal conductivity and characteristics of magnesia carbon brick are concerned by everyone and quickly put into the market. Magnesia carbon brick is made by high pressure. These bricks exhibit excellent thermal shock resistance and slag erosion resistance at high temperatures. Magnesia carbon brick is widely used in steelmaking process, especially in alkaline oxygen furnace, electric arc furnace, ladle lining and so on. Magnesia carbon bricks dominate the ladle slag line because they have excellent slag permeability resistance and excellent thermal shock resistance. Due to the non wettability between carbon (graphite) and slag, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and high toughness, they have high heat resistance. Magnesia brick


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