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What are the magnesia calcium bricks commonly used in the industry

2021-12-08 14:00:06

The periclase particles in magnesia act as aggregates in refractory bricks. In order to produce high-quality magnesia-carbon bricks, high-purity magnesia should be selected (MgO content as high as possible, /SiO2≥2, bulk density ≥3.34g/cm3, good crystal development, and magnesia itself porosity ≤3%). Graphite is also the main raw material of magnesia-carbon bricks. Its fixed carbon content, ash composition, oxidation resistance, particle size, shape, volatile matter, and moisture directly affect the performance and use of magnesia-carbon bricks. The high-purity scaly or flake graphite bricks with high carbon content (C≥95-96%) are selected to obtain the corrosion resistance, peeling resistance, high temperature strength, and oxidation resistance of magnesia-carbon bricks. The binder used in magnesia-carbon bricks is very important, and its quality greatly affects the production and quality of refractory bricks. Magnesia brick manufacturers

Refractory clay is the most basic and widely used raw material in Yingkou refractory industry. Special refractory materials are mainly zirconia, titanium oxide, beryllium oxide, cerium oxide, thorium oxide, yttrium oxide, etc. These raw materials have different degrees of resistance to various slag, but due to the limited source of raw materials, they cannot be widely used in the refractory industry. The raw materials of basic refractories are mainly magnesite (magnesite), dolomite, lime, olivine, serpentine, and high alumina raw materials. These raw materials have strong resistance to alkaline slag and are mostly used for masonry. Alkaline furnace.

1. The nature of production, as a material in contact with molten steel, abnormal damage or excessive erosion of functional refractories may cause molten steel leakage or even serious accidents. Such as steel breakout caused by excessive erosion of ventilating components, molten steel splash caused by abnormal fracture during the use of submerged nozzles, flow control failure caused by excessive corrosion of stopper rods, and steel breakout caused by failure of side sealing plate function, etc.

2. Production efficiency, refractory materials for metallurgical kilns are a key link in steel production, and their performance has an important impact on steel production efficiency. Ventilation elements, slide plates damaged in use, functional failures, etc. will be replaced offline, reducing the number of ladle turnover; immersed water table, stopper, and side sealing plate are one of the key control links for the number of continuous casting furnaces. Excessive corrosion of materials , scouring and abnormal fracture will reduce the number of continuous casting furnaces, thereby affecting the efficiency of steel production.


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