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Heating application of magnesia brick

2022-03-09 08:21:44

No smoke and dust, clean and tidy. In Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering, the reporter saw a different "boiler room".

"This is our school's high-voltage electrode boiler water heat storage system. The system uses 10KV high-voltage wind power as energy, and provides heat for the school through 16MW electrode boiler water heat storage technology." Sun Yong, director of the Energy Engineering Department of Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering, introduced.

"A wind blows from spring to winter in Zhangbei". How to make good use of this inexhaustible green resource, Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering has been exploring feasible paths in recent years.

"In 2017, our school began to build a renewable energy (wind power) heating demonstration project. At present, the school has two 16MW electrode boilers and one 6MW solid heat storage boiler. Through the 16MW electrode boiler liquid heat storage technology and 6MW solid heat storage technology And low-temperature air source heat pump heating technology, the clean wind energy from Zhangbei can heat the school's 280,000 square meters of buildings." Sun Yong said.

The 16MW electrode boiler uses liquid heat storage. Energy is stored in the valley power period, and heat is released during the peak power period. The system heats the liquid to about 98 degrees, and adopts a small temperature difference and high-efficiency heat storage technology to improve the heat storage performance and heat release performance as much as possible. The heating capacity is enhanced, which effectively improves the utilization rate of wind power and realizes zero pollution of heating.

Different from the 16MW electrode boiler water heat storage technology, the main body of the 6MW solid heat storage technology is 92% magnesia bricks. Sun Yong introduced that even though a magnesia brick is only the size of two bricks, it weighs more than 10 kilograms. Under the heating of electric heating wire, the temperature of magnesia brick can reach 700 degrees. Through the form of magnesia brick heat storage, electric heating wire heating, and air-water heat exchange, the technology makes full use of night valley electricity for heat storage and heat supply, and also has the function of power peak regulation.

There are 23 main buildings in the Hebei Construction Engineering College. How to reduce unnecessary heat supply is a problem.

On the big screen of the school's energy management and control system, the heat supply of each building is clearly visible. According to Liang Yusheng, a staff member, the school has installed regulating valves at key nodes of the pipeline network and at the entrance of buildings. By accurately adjusting the heat supply, the heat supply can be distributed on time and on demand.

"At present, a total of 115 temperature and humidity sensors are installed in the school, which are reasonably distributed in all directions and floors of each building. Using the Internet of Things technology, the temperature and humidity data is uploaded to the control center in real time, which can intuitively reflect the dormitory areas and teaching areas. , the temperature and humidity environment in the office area, and provide basic data for the comprehensive regulation of the heating pipe network." Liang Yusheng said.

In addition, the control system also integrates the on-site control terminal of the hot water boiler room to realize remote monitoring of the water level and temperature of the hot water boiler and remote start and stop. Through the online monitoring of the unit status, it can be operated on demand, reducing energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs.

The implementation of the renewable energy (wind power) heating demonstration project of Hebei Institute of Architecture and Engineering has achieved good economic and social benefits. It is understood that compared with the previous use of fossil fuels for heating, the implementation of this project can save the school about 4 million yuan in heating costs each year


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